Water Treatment

Water, water everywhere not a drop to drink. That is going to be the state of the planet in a few decades if the scarcity of water for people and industry is not addressed imminently. Many people have said that just as we have seen wars fought over oil, wars will be fought for water.

Potable water and water needed for industrial use is scarce. Rivers and other water bodies utilized for potable water have been polluted by unaware industries as they dumped industrial effluent into these water bodies and the ground, thereby contaminating water bodies and ground water. The water table in many areas, especially urban areas has been lowering. So what is the solution? Many pollution control boards have levied stringent norms on using ground water for industrial use and dumping effluent into natural water bodies. Solutions to provide access to water include water purification and treatment so water from rivers, lakes etc can be used for drinking Treatment of industrial effluent and zero liquid discharge desalination of sea water for industrial and potable purposes to name a few. Various technological innovations have emerged that solve these problems in a cost effective manner.

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